20% of Digital Marketers to Start Buying Traditional Media

Mon Jul 31, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Marketers remain committed to increasing their spending on digital ad formats. One recent survey oftraditional small business owners and employees finds that traditional media may be poised to recapture some lost ad revenue. The trend is likely linked to the belief that the ROI for traditional media spend is only slightly lower than what digital is delivering.

Researchers at Audiencebloom.com surveyed 376 of its clients regarding marketing plans this year. These marketers will increase digital ad spend in most categories, but a few formats stand out because of the high percentages of businesses that will either maintain or increase budgets:

  • Social media marketing 95%
  • On-site content marketing 94%
  • Link building 87%

Business owners are sometimes willing to try something new. This year, the topic of influencer marketer has generated plenty of buzz. In the Audiencebloom.com survey, 30% of marketers are currently using influencers and plan to increase investment in this effort. And, 44% who are not using influencers plan to start using them.

Researchers also found marketers are open to using formats they may have been skeptical about in the past. About 20% of businesses in the Audiencebloom.com survey are not currently using traditional media like print, radio or TV, but they plan to in the future. This number is a significant jump from the 14% of businesses who said the same last year. In addition, another 17% of marketers say they’ll continue using traditional media at their current levels, while 16% of current traditional media buyers will likely increase such purchases in the future.

We all know that business owners struggle to find time for tasks like marketing. On a scale of 1 to 6, the business owners in this survey say the following formats are the most challenging – in terms of execution or finding a competent vendor.

  • Influencer Marketing 5.09
  • Off-site Content Marketing 4.91
  • Link Building 4.84
  • Local SEO 4.41

Interestingly, about 45% of surveyed businesses do not work with an online marketing agency, which is a big jump from the 33% who said the same last year. Media sales reps who are selling digital marketing services may find opportunity in these numbers. Keep in mind that 75% of businesses will either increase or keep their ad spending the same as last year.


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