25-Year Veteran Learns about Co-op to Gain New Client

Tue Mar 7, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Stubborn motorsports dealer wouldn’t give Press-Telegram a chance       Deirdre Robinson

Several salespeople from Long Beach Press-Telegram had tried to get a buy from this motorcycle and water craft seller throughout the years, but just couldn’t get through to them. Once the paper implemented AdMall, Multimedia Advertising Consultant Deirdre Robinson started looking into the training and learned more about co-op.

“It is a GREAT tool to get your foot in the door,” Robinson said. “With 50%-60% payback on ads, this is a win-win for companies. If they don’t use it, they lose it! I find customers are very happy when I inform them of money just sitting on the table.”

Solution: A co-op lead gets their attention, and consultant’s foot in the door

“I found out about the Kawasaki and Yamaha co-op by researching what was available for motorcycle companies in my area.”

Robinson called about the Kawasaki co-op offer that month. Because the deal was ending that month, she created a sense of urgency and got them to place a buy!

“The next month, I told this client about another co-op deal expiring for Yamaha and he said, ‘Let’s do it!’ AdMall was just the bait I needed to get this client to finally buy.”

Result: Consultant opens the door and closes the sale

The family-owned business ran three half-page ads with Press-Telegram during the summer. Their total spend was $3,180.

“The client did not tell me anything about ROI but I figured since they continued to want to place ads we must have made a good impression,” Robinson said. “The great thing is this co-op opportunity opened a closed door!”

Robinson’s efforts to build a consultative relationship are paying her forward. This dealer is looking at Press-Telegram’s digital platform now, and Robinson has a proposal on the table for a digital campaign.

“AdMall is truly a great sales tool!”

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