28-Year Seller Saves Pontoon Dealer Time with Co-op

Fri Dec 11, 2015

Courtney Huckabay

MelissaRiordanChallenge: Marine center owner has no time for marketing

Melissa Riordan, who has been selling media for 28 years, and started her career at Florida Today, wanted to bring back business from a local marine center. The small business owner sells deck boats, outboard and pontoon boats, and also offers storage for the snowbirds’ boats, but he had not advertised in at least five years.

“He has no time to focus on anything other than running the business,” Riordan revealed. “He needs more staff. He doesn’t even have time to open up the signage and marketing materials that manufacturers send him for FREE!”

Solution: Make marketing easy and fast with AdMall’s co-op intelligence

“I knew he had a majority of Yamaha motors on his lot,” Riordan explained.

Riordan makes a habit of getting OUT of her office and INTO her territory. She makes sure no sales call is a cold call simply by informing herself beforehand. “It just comes down to walking the lot to find out what these dealers have the majority of, so then I can review the co-op reports for those brands in AdMall before I approach them.”

So she looked for co-op plans and opportunities inside AdMall PRO that he could use and that she could present to him. Then, while she was sitting in his waiting room before her appointment, she noticed all of the unopened packages of Yamaha signs and posters lying around.

She opened a package and used the materials in her demonstration, asking the prospect, “did you know Yamaha will pay for co-op advertising? You could get a $500 credit!”

Then she offered to prepare the co-op paperwork for him because she knew he did not have the time to submit it. As part of her consultative selling style, Riordan often processes the co-op paperwork for her clients to save them the time and trouble – and to ensure it gets submitted.

So she’ll say to them, “I’ll do all this for you electronically and then all YOU have to do is get the credit!”

Results: Secure a ¼ page ad in Florida Today’s special section

Riordan nailed down an ad buy for Florida Today’s outdoors and recreation special section. The marine dealer purchased a quarter-page print ad, and Riordan is slowly helping him get digital savvy, so she can incorporate mobile and digital elements in the future.

“I made him put the ad on the service desk so customers make the connection when they see the ad in the paper and again when they’re at the store!”

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