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Tue Dec 1, 2015

Amanda Levin

So maybe your clients aren’t the next Shakespeare or Hemingway, whitepaperbut that doesn’t mean they should break their pens (er…keyboards?) in half when it comes to writing content. If your clients need some quick ways to enhance the copywriting quality of their blogs, Rita Mailheau has graciously collected insider tips from blogging experts. Here are just 3 of the tips she shared in her Socialmediatoday.com article:

1. Remove the word “that.” – Sarah Mitchell, Head of Content Strategy, Lush Digital Media

Please don’t read this tip and immediately start deleting ‘that’ without checking the context. There are occasion when ‘that’ is needed, but many writers over use it without adding value. Additionally, she notes removing ‘that’ will force you to become a better writer, often requiring a different choice of verb tense or other change to the sentence’s structure.

2. Speed write in “chicken chunks.” – Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro, President of RedHotCopy

A “chicken chunk,” as Lorrie calls it, is a chunk of time set aside for distraction free writing. For her, 15-minute periods is the magic number, but it might be different for each of your clients. By laser focusing on writing for a short period of time, your clients will avoid writer’s block AND get a lot done in that short period. When the “chicken chunk” ends, stop writing immediately and take a brief break before starting round 2.

3. Delete your first paragraph. – Tom Albrighton, Founder and Director of ABC Copywriting

When staring at a blank page, it often takes a few words for writers to warm up, develop a good writing flow, and dive into the juicy content of their article, blog, etc. So advise your clients to delete their first paragraph and see if the remaining text works without it. While those first sentences were important to your client’s writing process, they may also bore customers into clicking away before they reach paragraph #2.

Shares these tips and 5 others with your blogging clients. After applying these changes, they will hopefully see an increase in readership and engagement.

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