39% of B-to-B Operators to Increase Content Marketing Budgets Next Year

Wed Oct 12, 2016

Kathy Crosett

B-to-B marketers are increasing their commitment to content marketing for 2017. These
organizations are formalizing their content marketing process and deciding which formats are delivering results. The Content Marketing 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute also reveals how much B-to-B marketers will be spending to reach their target audience in the coming year.

Over 62% of B-to-B operators say their content marketing program is on the right track with 45% marking themselves as somewhat more successful than last year and 17% saying they are much more successful. The positive attitude is linked to believing the programs are producing higher quality materials, developing a better strategy, and making content marketing a higher priority in the organization. Going forward, the top goals for content marketing investment will be all about:

  • Lead generation 80%
  • Brand awareness 79%
  • Engagement 71%

To reach these goals, 39% of B-to-B advertisers will increase their financial commitment to content marketing. Another 45% will keep their spending level. On average, these marketers allocate 29% of the total marketing budget to creating content.

Businesses are paying attention to the type of content that will be most successful in influencing the target audience. The average B-to-B operator uses 8 types of content. In 2017, the following percentages of businesses say these specific formats will be key to their success:

  • Blogs 52%
  • Email newsletters 40%
  • Social media content 40%
  • Ebooks/White papers 38%
  • In-person events 36%
  • Webinars/webcasts 32%
  • Video (pre-produced) 30%

These marketers also use a variety of channels to distribute their content. Next year, email will remain king with 93% connecting with clients and prospects through the inexpensive format. Social media is also an important distribution channel with LinkedIn scoring a lofty 89%. B-to-B marketers aren’t putting all their eggs in one basket though. At least 30% will also distribute some of their content through printed media. While 84% of B-to-B marketers will pay to put their content on social channels, 58% will use traditional and offline media formats (including print.) About 55% will use traditional online banner ads and 44% will try out native advertising.

Search engine marketing will be used by 67% of B-to-B operators who want to get their content in front of the right people. Interestingly, when it comes to paid marketing channels, search gets top scores with 54% of these businesses saying the format delivers the best results. By comparison, only 24% say the same about print and other traditional media formats.

As your clients prepare their 2017 marketing programs, they’ll likely need help putting together effective content. If you’re selling digital marketing services or writing services, now’s the time to make your pitch to prospects and clients.

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