48% of Marketers Struggle with Digital Content Creation

Mon Mar 27, 2017

Kathy Crosett

If your prospects and clients want to stay relevant online, they need to work on their websites constantly. Better yet, they could hire seo-strategy-512x341you to manage the messy process of SEO and content creation. Here are a few talking points you can use in a presentation to help them understand what’s working in search this year.

Your clients probably know certain SEO tactics really bring in the leads and the business. The following approaches are seen as most effective according to an Ascend2 SEO survey conducted last fall:

  • Relevant content creation 57%
  • Keyword/phrase research 49%
  • Social media integration 39%
  • External/internal linking 36%

Marketers are struggling to put these SEO tactics in place. Forty-eight percent say relevant content creation is the most difficult SEO tool to conquer. External/internal linking is a challenge for 45% and 35% have a tough time doing effective keyword/phrase research.

Start pitching your clients on your in-house expertise for tackling content creation projects. Clients need to understand how a marketing services provider will target their desired audiences with posts that have catchy titles, rich media and properly formatted subheads to break up dense passages of text. As Nick Chasinov explains in his recent column on marketingprofs.com, content that contains an emotional element and sounds human in origin (versus machine created) gets ranked higher. In SEO, rankings matter.

The selection of the right keywords has become both an art and a science. Marketers who use the same keywords as everyone else will get lost in the SEO competition. You can sell the talent of your keyword selection staff. Clients need to understand that going narrow and being unique – think long tail – will pay off in terms of delivering prospective customers who are looking for exactly they are selling.

The increasing complexities of SEO are inducing cries for help from enterprises, which translates into great business opportunities for reps who are selling digital marketing services.

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