5 Digital Marketing Myths You Must Debunk Now!

Tue Oct 6, 2015

Amanda Levin

Are your digital clients still hunting unicorns or looking for pots of gold at the end of Digital Mediathe rainbow? There is a good chance some digital marketing myths are ingrained in your clients’ mythos. Marketing Land columnist Scott Rayden has identified 15 of these myths, and it’s time for you to step in, debunk, and help your clients take their digital efforts to the next level.

1. SEO can be “Set it and forget it”

Remember earlier this year when Google changed up its algorithms? If your digital clients failed to retool their SEO efforts, there is a good chance they are no longer effective. And Google’s not the only one making changes. Advise your clients to revisit SEO at least once a year to make sure they keep up with changing SEO and content strategies.

2. Social is a top of funnel channel

When social media first entered the scene, this myth was true. But, yet again, times have changed. Social relies on people-based marketing. Consumers want relevant information at relevant times. With the proper strategy (and new technologies like social “Buy Now” buttons), social media can drive bottom-line results. Make sure your digital clients are aware of how to use social media as a bottom of the funnel direct-response channel.

3. Negative comments on social are bad for business

Without complaints, how would your clients learn how they can better satisfy their customers? Help your clients realize that negative comments are prime opportunities for growth and brand development! They can control brand perception and turn a negative experience into an overwhelmingly positive outcome! Only unanswered or poorly handled negative comments can hurt their business.

4. People don’t convert on mobile

Consumers LOVE their mobile devices and are constantly on them. They would much rather complete a purchase anywhere at anytime on mobile than HAVE to use a desktop computer. The key is the length and complexity of the check out process, cross device integration and other factors that streamline the process for the small screen.  Make sure your clients’ mobile sites and forms are indeed built for a mobile screen.

5. Retargeting is creepy

Yes, it can be, but if handled properly, retargeting is just a synonym for customization. We live in a world of convenience and efficiency. Customers won’t mind retargeted ads as long as they are relevant to their interests and provide them value, like an ad for a product they added to their cart but forgot to go back and purchase.

As you work with your digital clients to develop their strategies for the holiday season and 2016, make sure these myths are not holding them back. For 10 other myths you need to debunk, see the rest of Rayden’s article here.

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