68% of Media Sales Professionals See Health Care as Top 2015 Category

Wed Mar 25, 2015

Kathy Crosett

Earlier this month, our new white paper The State of Media Sales 2015 pointed out that 68% of hospitalmedia sales professionals expect to find their best opportunity in the health care category. The latest research from BIA/Kelsey supports this finding and indicates the local health care advertising market will be worth $10.9 billion this year. Check out this research to find out exactly which health care service providers you should be targeting.

Traditional Media

If you’re selling traditional media, you’ll want to approach the health care service providers in your market with your best proposals. BIA/Kelsey analysts note that many of these service providers target older consumers who read their direct mail and printed daily newspapers and watch local TV. In fact, up to 87% of local health care advertising is likely being spent on traditional media. This is especially true for hospitals, residential care facilities and large medical groups. Patients often live within a 3-5 mile radius of their provider, making zip code targeting particularly effective.

You’ll want to spend plenty of time pitching the hospitals in your market. These facilities account for nearly half of all local health care ad spending. Their larger operating budgets make them especially lucrative in comparison to a physician’s office which may spend only a few thousand dollars on advertising each year. When approaching your local hospitals, talk with them about new medical services they’re offering, a recent accreditation they might want to promote, and any rebranding efforts they’re considering. Closing the deal on a hospital campaign will mean a big win for traditional media. Interestingly, surveyed sales reps in the State of Media Sales said they expect 87% of 2015 revenue will be in traditional formats.

Digital Media

Health care accounts are well aware that their current and prospective patients are going digital. This year, BIA/Kelsey analysts predict that most health care services will not increase their traditional ad budgets but they will bump up their spending on digital formats by 11%. Here’s how the digital online spending in the health care sector will break out in 2015:

  • Classifieds/verticals 56.5%
  • Search 25.4%
  • Video display 10.2%
  • Other display 7.9%

Your clients will be looking for advice on how to use paid search, video and directory listings. Whether you’re selling traditional or digital media, don’t wait any longer to investigate the health care advertising opportunities in your market!

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