70% of B2B Marketers to Boost Programmatic Ad Spend

Mon Nov 21, 2016

Kathy Crosett

Programmatic ad buying may be a relatively new tool, yet 54% of surveyed B2B operators are already using this dataanalyticstechnology. A new report from Dun & Bradstreet – Programmatic Advertising and The B2B Marketer – outlines the challenges B2B operators face when buying through programmatic. Media reps should be ready to answer questions on programmatic from the many B2B marketers who find the process confusing.

In developing its study, Dun & Bradstreet defined programmatic ad buying as “the use of automated technology to buy and sell digital media across millions of websites, as opposed to relying on human interactions to manually secure digital ad placements.” The company surveyed about 100 B2B operators and learned that these companies are purchasing digital ad space both through traditional and programmatic methods. The following percentages of B2B marketers are using these specific digital formats:

  • Search 60%
  • Standard display 59%
  • Video 46%
  • Re-targeting 34%
  • Sponsored content 33%
  • Mobile display 28%

While 54% of these business owners have delved into programmatic when buying various digital ads, the remaining 46% are hesitant, with many of these folks claiming they don’t understand the format.  The B2Bs who have taken the programmatic plunge tend to use managed services (62%) or agency trading desks (55%.) The businesses who use programmatic only devote part of their ad budget to this effort. In the next year, about 40% of B2Bs will allocate 50% of ad spending to programmatic, and another 38% will allocate up to 25%.

B2B operators have 3 main goals when placing digital ads. They want to increase leads (36%), increase sales conversions (26%) and increase brand awareness (21%). B2Bs believe programmatic buying offers distinct advantages in helping meet their advertising goals. Scale (57%) and cost effectiveness (55%) are both key. 62% of survey respondents noted programmatic’s ability to layer data and insights gives them an important edge when buying ads.  For example, these marketers like the programmatic targeting that allows them to reach individuals by job function or title (55%.) Other B2B marketers (47%) want to reach members of specific audiences based on browsing behavior or purchasing intent (47%.) And, 42% appreciate being able to reach members of a specific company with programmatic ad buying tools.

Overall, 72% of B2Bs will continue to work directly with publishers and media companies to place their digital ad buys. In fact, 49% of B2B operators prefer the direct buy method, a detail which indicates they appreciate the personal interaction they have with sales reps. If you’re selling digital, continue to give your clients the best service possible. If they want to try programmatic and your publication offers this capability, help your clients understand the available options and how to use them.

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