UPDATED – NAA: 79% of U.S. Adults Take Action Based on Newspaper Ads

Tue Sep 30, 2014

Kathy Crosett

If you’re selling newspaper advertising, you might want to check out the new data published by Frank N. Magid. Your marketers need to understand the power of the medium and how well it stands up to the competition.momnewspaper


The NAA report shows that U.S. adults are comfortable accessing their newspapers in either print or digital format. For example, 57% of consumers reported accessing one of these mediums in the past 7 days. For print newspapers, the number was 52% while for websites it was 21%. The NAA data also indicates that print newspaper ads have influenced the purchase actions of 79% of U.S. adults in the past 30 days.

Your clients should also know that print newspaper ads don’t just drive traditional shopping trips. These ads can also boost online shopping activity. The NAA report found that 40% of adults checked out a product or vendor online after they’d seen an ad in the print newspaper in the past month.

Consumers were also asked about the strengths and weaknesses of over 21 different advertising mediums. 90% of these consumers had used at least one of these formats in a given week to help inform their planned shopping. The following percentages of consumers point to specific strengths of newspaper advertising:

  • Draws attention to sales 28%
  • Believable and trustworthy 26%
  • Advertising consumers look forward to 22%
  • Few consumers try to avoid these ads 9%
  • Few consumers consider these ads annoying 4%


Do these findings from the NAA sounds a little too good to be true, especially since they come from a trade association which has a significant interest in the survey’s outcome? We thought so. We took a look at the findings from another study, AudienceSCAN, which is available to AdMall subscribers. This survey pool included 14,000 U.S. adults who were asked about a number of topics, including their newspaper reading habits.

In this survey, 49.3% of U.S. adults say they regularly read the print or digital version of their local newspaper. The AudienceSCAN data shows that 48.4% of local newspaper readers (not all U.S. adults) take action within 30 days after seeing any type of newspaper ad. However, in the past year, only 28.8% of newspaper readers have started an online search as a result of newspaper advertising they’ve seen.

While newspaper ads may be reaching a smaller audience than the NAA claims, the format remains a good tool to reach U.S. adults. Which of your clients would benefit from be reminded about the power of newspaper and would be interested in buying ad space from you?

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