90% of Consumers Agree, Custom Content is the Way to Engage Them

Wed Jul 5, 2017

Rachel Cagle

There is power in custom content. In fact, 2/3’s of consumers trust it more than traditional advertising, claims a Time Inc. study. Out of the 17,000 GenZ, millennial and Gen X consumers that Time Inc. surveyed, 90% like when brands use custom content to engage with them and 89% view custom content as a way for brands to stand out from the crowd.

Can we really say this is such a surprise though? Advertising content that is created with certain customers in mind and crafted around their preferences is bound to catch their attention more than some mass, vague campaign would. But what is it that consumers are looking for from custom content?

Luckily, Time Inc.’s survey addressed that too. First off, 93% of those surveyed enjoy when brands include little-known facts that consumers may not have known otherwise. When it comes to topics that consumers are already reading about, they’re interested in what brands have to say about these topics. When your clients do this, let them know that they should partner with sources that their brand’s consumers trust (56% of respondents value this). All in all, 56% of the GenZ, millennials, and Gen Xers surveyed just want to feel as if the brand wants to teach or share something with them, not just make a sale.

If your clients want customers to form a deeper relationship with their brands, they should target members of GenZ. Specifically, brands can better connect by using digital native content, especially video and infographics, according to 72% of this group. 88% feel that custom content is an ideal method for brands that GenZ isn’t familiar with to become known to them, and another 84% of these consumers concur that brands they’re familiar with can also engage them using custom content. To snag this demographic’s interest, 93% agree that brands should leverage new, unique, and/or creative content.

The masses have spoken! Share the newfound magic of custom content with your clients today!

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