AdMall Training Session Puts New Idea in Sales Vet’s Toolbox

Tue May 2, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Infrequent advertiser unable to tie specific media ads directly to sales      

Mark Michaud sat in on an AdMall 102 training session for a refresher on Selling Automotive Accounts and walked away with winning ideas for an infrequent advertiser! His family-owned multi-franchise domestic and foreign auto dealership account had an urgent need to move old inventory and establish a new sales funnel at under-performing dealerships.

Solution: AdMall and AdTaxi to the rescue!

Michaud decided to run Digital Audits on each dealership AND research any available co-op funds his dealer could use. But he didn’t just stop there. This 30-year media sales veteran followed up with presentations and a formal proposal leave-behind on Connecticut Magazine’s digital programs. He planned to discuss these off line with the owner later. AdMall was crucial to his presentation.

“AdMall has evolved through ever-changing times in media and has kept pace with what is required to keep media consultants in all platforms at the top of their game.”

Result: Digital campaign drives measurable traffic

The advertiser agreed to 100% digital targeted campaigns utilizing 5 separate formats for each auto profile.

“They are thrilled that I was able to put together a cohesive program with benchmarks and key performance indicators that we track daily with the dealerships,” Michaud said. “It’s a fact that without the co-op funds discussion up front I would’ve had a more difficult time extracting their pain-points. They were glad that they didn’t just have the co-op funds expire and now are seeing identifiable results.”

The program has spilled over to additional franchises they own and there is not an end date in sight. The co-op dollars were the door opener for sure, Michaud said.

“I believe as long as I can remain in the driver’s seat with industry knowledge, co-op funds and providing a strong return on their investment it does not have an end date! To win this game you need confidence!”

“The greatest part of the sale – or I like to call partnership – is that there is no end cap now that we presented tools that are professional and we have continual follow-up.”

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