What to Advertise to the Omnishopper, Online and In-Store

Wed Apr 5, 2017

Rachel Cagle

As more businesses expand their offerings to both in-store and online shoppers, the number of Excited Shopping Womanomnishoppers increases. While this is great for both types of business, it also sparks the question of which products are the best to advertise online versus in the brick and mortar store? In the article, “Understanding Today’s Omnishopper,” Nielsen unveils the results of its U.S. omnichannel shopping study to show just which products shoppers are more likely to buy on impulse, both in-store and online.

Internet retailers, these are the product categories that omnishoppers buy on impulse more online than in stores:

  1. Grocery (5% more likely to buy online)
  2. Household Care (4.6%)
  3. Snacks (4.4%)
  4. Personal Care (1.9%)

Your clients’ websites are the perfect places to fuel omnishopper impulse buys. Internet retailers can use banner ads displaying pictures of, along with the newest deals on, grocery items. Especially popular items include soup, stock, and broth, which Nielsen found to have a 10.5% higher impulse buying rate online, and sauces, spreads, and dressing, which earned a 9.8% higher online buying rate. Pop-up ads showcasing omnishopper impulse buyers’ favorite snacks (crackers and popcorn at 14.4% higher, as well as chips, pretzels, and snack mix with a 13.7% higher impulse buying rate) are an opportunity to spark a craving only the food in the ads can satisfy. Also, when it comes to personal care, have your clients advertise their women’s deodorant line, which has a 10% higher online impulse buying rate among omnishoppers.

For your brick and mortar clients, encourage them to advertise in-store offers to omnichannel shoppers to get them interested in shopping in the stores. While the customer is in the store, your clients can use in-store shopper marketing to increase impulse buying. The highest impulse buying categories in-store include:

  1. Frozen Food (9.4% more likely to be bought in-store)
  2. Fresh Food (1.9%)
  3. Health: (1.5%)
  4. Pet Care (1.3%)

When customers are looking to buy food in a store, they want quick and easy products, especially food that is easy to prepare once they get home. That’s why in-store deli prepared foods have a 12% impulse buying lead on the same foods available online. Popular frozen food that is more likely to be bought on impulse in-store includes frozen desserts and bakery items with a little over a 12% in-store buying rate. When it comes to health, nutritional drinks and supplements are 14.6% more likely to be an omnishopper’s in-store impulse purchase, and the personal care category leads the pack with cosmetics earning a 15.4% higher impulse buying rate.

Encourage your brick and mortar clients to advertise these popular items more within their stores. The same tactic can be used with online shopping, especially if your client has a well-designed website with promotions created by your media company’s in-house digital marketing services team.

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