AE Aces Campaign for Private School Rebrand

Tue Aug 29, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Newly acquired private school needs to rebrand    

Comcast Spotlight AE Ana Jimenez connected with a private school in Monterey, Calif. that had been acquired recently. It housed grades K-8 but would be adding preschool classes. This school had a few challenges. They were marketing during the off season, changing the name of the school, rebranding AND promoting enrollment. Jimenez realized the priority was pre-K, because enrolled preschool students are more likely to stay enrolled long-term. She knew content was going to be EXTRA important.

“We had to focus on branding for the new name and create awareness of the new grade level added.”

Solution: AdMall’s local intel and diagnosis school AE on industry

“AdMall was my best friend as I prepared to have an initial meeting,” Jimenez said. “It was important that I researched the industry but also asked the right questions in order to put together an effective campaign. AdMall was instrumental in having research that mattered.”

Jimenez gleaned select media spending, industry info and top product categories from the Local Account Intelligent Report on schools.

“The diagnosis was key in helping me stay on track in asking the questions that were imperative for their industry and key in creating their customized campaign.”

Result: A $48,000 campaign creates a waiting list

“They only planned on marketing for 3 months for $9,000 total,” Jimenez explained. “Through using AdMall and the info provided, such as peak months, this helped me create a 12-month campaign for $48,000!”

Jimenez secured a buy for TV and digital with customized IBV and InStream. The ads are targeted by DMA, household incomes of $65,000 or higher, with children in the homes.

“Their pre-K now has a waiting list!” She revealed. “They were at capacity before they opened!”

“I love that I can familiarize myself with any industry and be aware of my clients’ challenges and opportunities. AdMall allows me to walk into a cold call with knowledge and confidence. I can meet with potential clients and ask the right questions for THEIR industry.”


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