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Tue Feb 28, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Medical imaging center faces fierce competition    SSA_Q3_Carlson

At KTUU-TV, Kayc Carlson’s client is in battle with two of its biggest competitors and is always fighting to win over a bigger chunk of the market place. The biggest struggle comes down to the differences in the advertising budgets between what he has available and what his biggest competitors are already spending.

Solution: Use Digital Audits to win over the owner in Anchorage, Alaska

Carlson took to the drawing boards to figure out how to express that her station could make a difference. She knew that digital was going to offer the strongest rebuttal to the competitors’ placements, and give her a playing field that is affordable. She put her 3 years of AdMall experience to work, and started with analyzing the digital audit for her client – which then grew into analyzing the digital audits for all his competitors in the market place!

“After seeing how poorly he was ranking against his competitors, I helped him learn that changing the website and keeping constant updates is the first step into the digital world,” she said.

Result: Advertiser buys digital on KTUU website for $2,500 for three months

Carlson kept the conversation going deeper, and she continued to go back to the audits on how they could continue to make steps to conquest the market.

“Building the trust from there, we signed on a pay-per-click campaign with a possibility of extension!” Carlson reported.

That’s how she persuaded her client to step into a PPC campaign for 6 months, at $6,600. They were able to utilize the keywords that the Digital Audit pulled for the competitors in the imaging center’s listing to ensure they’re making the biggest impression and pairing up next to them.

“Click by click we are working to create awareness and conquest the market place,” Carlson said. “Trying to make headway on the competitors is the objective.”

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