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Tue Jan 3, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Marijuana Dispensary Wants to Dispense with Competition    brian-willard

Brian Willard decided to cold call a new recreational and medical marijuana shop in Tacoma. They hadn’t done any advertising yet, and the business development account executive at The News Tribune knew he could change that. The pot shop competes with 8 other local businesses, not to mention the 80+ medical shops nearby.

“The biggest challenge was knowing what medium to use and how much to spend,” Willard explained. “They wanted newspaper from the start, but were totally uneducated about the other options and why they should be used. The also had issues with search results.”

Solution: AudienceSCAN Profile on Marijuana Dispensary Customers Clears the Air

Willard used his trusty AudienceSCAN profile to justify how marijuana shoppers can be targeted effectively via an all-inclusive media plan featuring native, print, digital and reputation management.

“I used the AudienceSCAN because it has been proven to be useful in the past,” Willard said. “Furthermore, it helped answer his questions regarding mediums to use, how and why to design a media mix, etc. It also validated that the facts I was offering him were in fact valid and reliable. I used AudienceSCAN to back my position that a full media mix is crucial, especially being a new business.”

Willard’s prospect explained his typical customer profile. Willard then matched that with the demographic data in the AudienceSCAN, which served as validation of the research. From that point the business owner was willing to listen to other tips that Willard could offer from the report.

“Once we addressed who we need to reach, I told him I would design a plan and asked his budget. He told me, ‘How about you design what you believe I need to do, with price points that are reasonable? Since you are the advertising pro I want to hear your suggestions’.”

Result: Light Up New Business as an Industry Expert

“When I brought back the proposal I had a lower cost backup plan,” Willard admitted. “I didn’t need it as he signed right away!”

The $28,000 contract consisted of a weekly ad in print; reputation management services to correct web listings, improve SEO, as well as monitor and respond to reviews; digital display ads; and native advertising 3 times in a year.

“A few weeks later they liked the idea of being the Premier Sponsor for our baseball package, which added $40,000 to their contract.”

The pot shop’s sales have continued to increase at a desirable rate – between 21% to 26% month over month.

“I’d also like to add that I have been so successful with this industry that we have even launched cannabis directory packages (never done before in our paper). Due to the constant news coverage, consumer interest, high propensity to spend on advertising, we have really embraced this industry. Since the first account I landed and received the Sell Smarter! Award for, I have grown my account list in this category to 9 advertisers in totaling $166,000 in sales.”

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