AE Restores Roofer’s Faith in Advertising

Tue Dec 20, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

DebyRooneyChallenge: Roofing client had lost faith in all advertising efforts

Account Executive Deby Rooney pulled AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report on Roofing/Siding Contractors and looked for available co-op money for her new client. She showed the reports to the owner who just came from a competitor.

“I went over each page with the information highlighted that I thought was important to his business,” Rooney explained.

“He said that all of this information was unbelievable! I told him that it would take 3 months [for our campaign] to work. My competitor had told him his phone would be ringing off the hook in a week. With all the co-op and information in the intelligence report that I used to base my recommendations on, he said he trusted me. With the other lady he was so enraged that he told me, he ‘felt as though he had got an enema with a fire hose.’ She told him so much that was completely untrue just to try and make the sale. I had actual reports that backed up what I was saying.”

Solution: Use a consultative, research-based approach to restore his faith

“We sat and figured how much one client represented in dollars to him,” Rooney said. “And I told him to use this to base his decision on. I told him that if he did not have the money to commit to 3 months I would not take his business.”

Rooney’s roofing client also expressed concern that oftentimes his customers don’t have adequate coverage on their homeowners’ insurance policies to pay for new roofing or repairs when storms hit the Florida market. He told her, “most people who have good homeowners insurance can get some or all of their roof repair paid for,” and wanted to make potential customers aware of this.

Results: News 13 wins almost $12,000 in annual business

Rooney’s roofer committed to a Lake News Sponsorship and is going to go home and see if he can do Seminole and/or Orange as well. It is a News 13 TV/Web sponsorship for $11,700 for the year. And it all came from the co-op opportunities he did not even know existed! Rooney said her new client called the second day that his commercial aired to say he had set 4 appointments and converted one sale already!

“AdMall is so helpful,” Rooney exclaimed.

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