Are These SEO Myths Fooling Your Clients?

Wed Jul 15, 2015

Jessica Helinski

frustrated man at computerIt’s time to set your digital clients straight when it comes to SEO and Google. Myths about this strategy persist, and Ron Johnson, in an article for, wants to enlighten readers about these myths. He shares 5 SEO myths that should be forgotten, three of which are below:

A high PageRank means no need for SEO.
While Google’s PageRank is still part of the algorithm, it’s at the bottom, due to users’ manipulation (some people started actually selling links!). Additionally, it doesn’t correlate with search engine rankings as it should. For these reasons, even if your client has a high PageRank, they STILL need SEO.

Social media doesn’t impact SEO.
According to Johnson, this is just not true. Even though Google doesn’t index likes or comments, social media still has an impact in the following ways:

  • It gets a brand and its message in front of a large audience, which can lead to other content publishers picking it up for a repost.
  • It builds engagement and reputation, two concepts that are very important for Google.
  • It produces an ongoing cycle of activity on a Web page, which signals to Google that the content is important to people, which can lead to a higher index position.

SEO was done last year, so there’s no need to work on it this year.
“SEO is something you do every day with every piece of content you post and all of your online activity,” Johnson writes. “This all helps Google find and rank your content more easily.” So even if your clients optimized their website in the past, there is still work to be done.

Share these insighs with your clients and discuss whether or not they are falling prey to any SEO myths. Remind them that Google is seeking out what offers the most value to their searchers, so it’s up to them, the client, to provide that value.

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