Are Your Clients Focusing Too Much on SEO Keywords?

Thu Aug 27, 2015

Kathy Crosett

Are your clients complaining that their SEO campaigns aren’t working out? Everyone wants to rise to the searchtop of the search engine results page, but it’s not easy to stay ahead of the constant tweaking that Google makes to its algorithms. Two new studies reveal key details that can help your clients improve their outcomes.

Moz reviewed 17,600 keywords and surveyed 150 search experts to learn which factors make a difference in influencing search outcomes. They then scored their findings on a scale of 1 to 10.  Here’s what matters most:

Domain-level link authority features (8.22) – Moz combines all of the links in a site to determine an overall score about the value of links included in a marketer site. At this level, they are looking at both the number and quality of links which is likely a measurement Google uses in its proprietary calculations as well.

Page-level link features (8.19) – The algorithm looks for the quantity of linking root domains on a specific page. The quality of linking sources is important here. If your client is linking to sites that look like spam, the algorithm will mark the page, and therefore the site, with a lower number.

Page-level keyword and content-based features (7.87) – On each page, your clients must optimize the keywords they’re using. In addition, each page should contain a sufficient quantity of high quality content that is relevant to the keywords.

Keywords used to be a significant part of SEO activity. As you can see from the Moz study, they’ve fallen to the third position on the list of their findings. SearchMetrics reported a similar finding in its new Search Ranking Factors & Rank Correlations 2015 report.

As your clients plan their SEO strategies for the coming year, they should know that 88% of search experts believe mobile friendliness will play a bigger role. The Moz study also indicates the following factors will be more important in the future:

  • Site/page perceived value 81%
  • Quantity/quality of answers in SERPs 79%
  • User usage stats including CTR and dwell time (67%)
  • Readability/usability design (67%)

Share these findings with your clients. If you’re selling digital services, explain how your SEO expertise can improve their ROI with respect to this marketing format.

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