Auto Dealer Goes Commercial with $7,000 Direct Mail Campaign

Tue Jun 20, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Used car dealer needs to increase awareness of fleet division of commercial vehicles   Account Executive Dianne Nelson had a car dealer in the Fort Worth, Texas area who was beginning to sell fleet vehicles, specifically cargo and passenger vans.

“They are loyal clients and have 3 dealerships,” Nelson explained. “I have known the family for over 18 years. I purchased my current car from them!”

Solution: Use AdMall to identify companies which use these types of vans

Nelson buckled down and did her AdMall research to locate more than 1,600 different business addresses which likely would be interested in buying a commercial vehicle. Taking the time to get this information and show a short list to the General Manager paid off for Nelson.

“It opened his eyes and he wanted to give it a try,” she said. “He realized that I had discovered exactly the types of business which would be interested in purchasing a commercial vehicle from his dealership.”

Nelson recommended a direct mail campaign targeting businesses such as electricians, plumbers and florists.

Result: A $7,000 direct mail campaign for Fort Worth Star-Telegram

And she nailed it! Nelson said she’s been selling various types of advertising to used car dealers for more than 15 years, so she knows her way around a stellar research-based presentation. The auto dealer agreed to the direct mail campaign — which included 6×9 post cards that were printed and delivered in two separate drops to businesses that would use commercial vehicles, vans and work trucks.

“[My] favorite part of AdMall is the information available for populations who buy a particular product, and their habits and the way they absorb specific types of advertising.”

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