B2B Content Marketers Seek to Connect with 4 Audiences

Wed Oct 8, 2014

Kathy Crosett

B2B businesses are continuing to emphasize content as a key marketing strategy. Details in the businessconference2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks report outline how these enterprises are focusing on ways to deliver content more effectively and measure ROI to improve efficiency in this area.

86% of B2B marketers use content marketing and 38% believe their organizations are very or somewhat effective at accomplishing their goals with content. Because it’s easy for content creation to get out of control, more organizations are implementing a strategy to handle this type of marketing and 42% say their strategy guides their efforts closely.  The most popular forms of content marketing (note the average marketer uses 13 forms) include social media (92%), eNewsletters (83%), articles on their website (81%) and blogs (80%). Analysts point out that the infographic is the format which has seen the largest growth rate, going from 51% to 62% in the past year.

In terms of effectiveness, it seems there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Marketers rank in-person events, where they likely distribute content, as most effective (69%). Other effective forms of content are webinars (64%) and videos or blogs (both at 60%).

In the coming year, the average B2B marketer will target 4 unique audiences with content and work on at least 8 content marketing initiatives.

Goals for content marketing range from brand awareness (84%) to lead generation (83%) to engagement (81%). To measure success, B2B organizations are looking at website traffic (63%), sales lead quality (49%), and higher conversion rates (48%). To distribute their content, B2B marketers pay for an average of 3 media formats. The  following are most popular:

  • Search engine marketing 58%
  • Print/other offline promotion (52%)
  • Traditional online banner ads (49%)

And how much does all of this cost in terms of the marketing budget? The average is 28%. Note that this doesn’t include staffing costs.

If you’re selling marketing services, remember that your B2B clients face challenges in producing engaging content (54%) and in producing content consistently (50%). They’ll be interested in hearing how your services can help them succeed.

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