Billboard Rep Uses AdMall to Generate $88,000 from Regional Bank

Fri May 2, 2014

Faye Oney

For Account Executive Nick Troiola, selling billboard advertising can be a challenge. Not only does he sell a medium that commands fewer ad dollars than other media, but he also competes against other outdoor reps.

“TV, radio, and newspaper are the most common media advertisers use,” he said. “Historically, the out-of-home industry has gotten between 4 and 5% of all ad dollars spent.”SSAward_Nick Troiola

Troiola’s client, a regional Indiana bank, was planning to open several new branches in three markets within his territory. After he met with the vice president of marketing to find out more about the bank’s initiatives, Troiola conducted some research in AdMall.

“The bank wanted to target people who had wealth, such as business owners who needed commercial loans, and other upper-income consumers,” he explained.

Troiola knew he needed to separate himself from other media reps who would be calling on the bank for their advertising business.

He studied AdMall’s Consumer Spending Reports from the three markets the bank planned to enter. Then he pulled the spending estimates from the top zip codes in each market. He created a billboard campaign that covered the zip codes with the highest consumer spending numbers.

Troiola’s client was impressed with the data. The bank spent $88,000 with his company, Burkhart Advertising, for a 6-month campaign to promote its new locations. Previously, the bank had spent approximately $2,500 a year with him.

“Knowledge is power, and AdMall is a nice program to have,” Troiola said. “Instead of spending time Googling a company, you can go straight to a specific industry. The more you know their product and their business, the better equipped you are to help them.”

Arm yourself with knowledge from AdMall

SMB owners are impressed when media reps take the time to learn about their business and industry. If you’re calling on a regional bank, consider using some of these AdMall reports to educate yourself on the banking industry.

Local Account Intelligence Report

The Local Account Intelligence Report for Banks (Regional and National) contains industry background, trends, challenges, opportunities, peak sales months, top product categories, market sales potential, and more. You will also learn about the top media this industry uses, and have access to psychographic as well as a demographic profile of target customers. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access this report.

Consumer Spending Report (Total Consumer Expenditures)

Troila used the Consumer Spending Report to gather data about spending patterns by zip code in the three markets where his client operated. AdMall provides consumer expenditure data for 600 categories. Watch this 15-second video to find out how to access the Consumer Spending Reports.

What other sales tools do you use to show your prospects and clients that you’ve taken the time to learn about their business?

Nick Troiola of Burkhart Advertising is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 1st quarter, 2014





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