Biz Development AE Puts Marijuana on the Map; AE Restores Roofer’s Faith in Advertising

Fri Nov 27, 2015

Courtney Huckabay

The 3rd Quarter 2015 Sell Smarter! Awards video puts the spotlight on two media salespeople who increased revenue for their media companies by using the tools in AdMall.


Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to the third quarter 2015 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.


Brian Willard of The Tacoma News Tribune COULDN’T let his chance of getting a local recreational marijuana dispensary’s business go to POT. He knew their number one concern was that customers couldn’t FIND them – VIRTUALLY OR PHYSICALLY. In addition to the shop PHYSICALLY being tucked away among other stores in a small strip mall, they were not being found ONLINE. Willard put his AdMall CERTIFICATION to good use and took the time to WEED through AdMall PRO’s AudienceSCAN report on Marijuana Dispensary Customers. He ADDRESSED their number one concern using the research he HASHED out about SEARCH engine use and, more specifically, GOOGLE users.

“I told them it’s very important to get their Google ranking up and reach the RIGHT group of customers, the RIGHT ages, and the right GOOGLE users,” Willard said. “And I knew THAT because AudienceSCAN told me exactly WHERE they’re searching and HOW.”

Willard walked away from his first meeting with a 6-month contract for reputation management services. And just days later, he sold an additional digital campaign which included 2 months’ worth of geo-targeted ads, leading to a total spend of $1,150. And Willard now plans to propose NATIVE advertising solutions to them once the SMOKE clears.


Deby Rooney with Brighthouse Media Strategies recognized her new roofing client had lost ALL faith in advertising, so she knew she would need ADMALL’S help to RESTORE his faith with Orlando’s News 13 TV.

She pulled AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report on Roofing and Siding Contractors and looked for available CO-OP money for her client.

“We sat and figured how much ONE client represented in dollars to him,” Rooney said. “And I told him to use this to base his DECISION on. I had actual REPORTS that backed up what I was saying.”

Rooney’s roofer committed to a News 13 TV and web sponsorship for $11,700 for the year. And it all came from the co-op opportunities he didn’t even know EXISTED! Rooney said her new client called the second day that his commercial aired to say he had set FOUR appointments and had already converted one SALE!

Congratulations to Brian and Deby, along with the other third quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipients:

  • Heidi Martin, Ben Cyr, Josh O’Donnell, and Todd Johnston of the Bangor Daily News
  • Deanna Dahlgren of the Burlington Free Press
  • Melissa Riordan of Florida Today
  • Shawn Wellington of Florida Today

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