Brand Building, Content Marketing Top Priorities for B2B

Fri May 19, 2017

Kathy Crosett

The new 2017 Digital Trends in B2B report, jointly published by Econsultancy and Adobe, reveals that content58% of B2B marketers will spend more money on content marketing this year.  B2B marketers also plan to focus on brand building and digital-first goals. Here are the details.

The top initiatives for the 2,400 B2B marketers in this survey break out as follows:

  • Content marketing 37%
  • Brand/building/viral marketing 24%
  • Targeting and personalization 23%
  • Social media engagement 23%
  • Customer journey management 22%
  • Video content 21%

In reviewing their findings, analysts report that the B2B respondents in their survey think of themselves as digital-first operations. In actuality, these businesses are a bit behind B2C enterprises on some digital fronts. Specifically, B2B enterprises are not making mobile campaigns a central part of their digital effort. Industry experts believe average B2B buyers aren’t spending as much time with mobile devices as B2C buyers, so B2B marketers can get by with questioning the ROI of a mobile investment, at least for this year. Sooner or later, though, B2B operators will need to pay more attention to mobile.

B2B efforts on other strategies such as targeting and personalization, which ranks among the top 3 digital priorities, may pay off. Marketers tell researchers they feel more confident manipulating and managing data to improve their digital outreach to prospects and customers.

While only 16% of B2B operators say search engine marketing is a top priority this year, analysts found the renewed attention to brand building, a priority for 24%, intriguing. These findings support the results of another study, produced earlier this year by, which suggested that over 81% of B2B marketers commit between 10-25% of gross income on brand spending. Similarly, the biennial CMO Survey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, released in February, cited a growing emphasis on brand-building spending. B2B services companies are leading the pack on the brand-building front, with a 13.3% budget increase, on average.

Reps who are selling digital marketing services can pitch their expertise to B2B marketers that need help developing a cohesive brand message and image. The continued investment in content marketing also bodes well for digital service providers that specialize in white paper writing and collateral production.


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