Broadcast Rep Wins $4,500+ in New Business with AdMall Co-op Report

Fri Dec 19, 2014

Faye Oney

A small nugget of information in the daily AdMall Minute turned into a gold mine for Larraine Boyd, account executive for Sinclair Broadcast Group in Columbus, Ohio. She opened her email one morning and learned Kubota was offering its dealers 50% co-op reimbursement for a limited-time promotion that was expiring the following month.LarraineBoyd

Using AdMall PRO’s Dealer Datasets, Boyd found 10 local dealers in the Columbus market. She started making calls to notify dealers of this promotional offer.

“I told each dealer that they had co-op money from Kubota that they needed to spend before the end of next month,” she explained.

Boyd also took the consultative approach and emailed each prospect specific data from AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report for Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers.

“I gave them enough information to spark an interest,” Boyd recalled. One dealer who had never advertised on TV was interested in learning more. “I was able to offer him an incredible amount of frequency over a 6-week period.”

Boyd’s prospect purchased a 6-week schedule consisting of 274 spots on 2 of her TV stations, along with banner ads on her station’s website. Her new client spent a total of $4,520, with 50% paid for by Kubota – all new business for Boyd and her TV stations.

Although Boyd has been an infrequent AdMall user in the past, she is now sold on the power of its revenue-generating tools.

“I now seriously use AdMall every day!” she said.

Two AdMall tools for increasing your sales

AdMall Minute

If you’re an AdMall client you can subscribe to the daily AdMall Minute for a quick roundup of information to start your day. The AdMall Minute includes industry trends, limited-time sales opportunities, sales tips from the Media Sales Today blog, trade news, and upcoming training webinars. If you’re not already receiving this daily gold mine of information, go into AdMall and click the My AdMall button at the bottom of the screen. On the My AdMall page, click the My Email button at the top of the screen. Then click the Preferences button to customize your AdMall Minute. You can also elect to receive trade news for specific industries you are calling on.

AdMall Co-op Reports

Co-op data is the media sellers’ low-hanging fruit. You’ll find a complete list of co-op plans and money available for your clients in AdMall. PRO clients can take advantage of the Dealer Datasets tool, which enables sellers to view and export lists of local dealers for a particular manufacturer or vendor. Many co-op plans have expiration dates, which means reps have a good reason to contact accounts before they lose this year’s funding. To learn how to access these reports, watch this 2-minute video.

Larraine Boyd of Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2014.

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