Cable Rep Uses AdMall to Boost Client Spend from $1,500 to $36,000

Fri Oct 31, 2014

Faye Oney

It can be a good feeling to know you saved a business from closing its doors. That’s how Debra Brown, account manager for CableONE in Fargo, ND felt after securing a substantial sale from a local plastic surgeon who had been struggling to keep his business open.

Debra Brown (right) receives her award from Manager Shereen Stark

Debra Brown (right) receives her award from Manager Shereen Stark

Brown had been calling on the doctor and his media buyer, who had spent $1,500 for a one-time spot the previous year. Brown was determined to increase their activity. She perused AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report for Cosmetic Surgeons to find some data she could share with him to help his business. She also found some sample ads, which she thought better resonated with his target audience than what he previously used.

“I educated myself on their audience, market potential and other industry insights,” she said. “I liked the sample ads – they weren’t so ‘clinical.’ The creative was a better match for his audience.”

Brown took the data from the Local Account Intelligence Report, the Audience Intelligence Report for Likely Cosmetic Surgery Patients, and the sample ads, and shared them with the doctor. Her work paid off. He committed to a $3,000 per month campaign targeted on her cable networks – a total spend of $36,000. He has since increased his budget to $3,200 per month.

“The doctor almost closed his business to go to work for a major health care provider,” Brown explained. “After his ads started running, he started getting business!”

Brown relies on AdMall because she doesn’t have the time to do extensive research on the Internet. AdMall has saved her hours of research time that she uses to focus on selling.

“Clients appreciate the information from AdMall,” she continued. “AdMall allows me to be more of a consultant instead of someone trying to sell them something.”

Two AdMall reports to boost your credibility with prospects

Local Account Intelligence Report

You can quickly learn about the type of business you’re calling on, simply by reading these reports. The Local Account Intelligence Reports contain data about your prospect’s industry, market potential, average sales per location, annual ad budgets, and more. Watch this 15-second video to see the report Brown used on her sales call.

Audience Intelligence Report

The best way to help you propose the appropriate media solutions for your prospects is to study their target audiences. AdMall’s database of more than 1,000 Audience Intelligence Reports provide you with demographics, psychographics, shopping behavior, media usage, purchase intent, and other behaviors characteristic of the respective audience. Watch this 15-second video for a peek at the Audience Intelligence Report Brown used.

Debra Brown of CableONE is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2014.

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