Cable TV Rep Brings in $15,000 from Physical Therapy Client

Fri May 30, 2014

Faye Oney

Client already renewed contract based on campaign results

How do you convince a physical therapy business that has never advertised on your cable network to spend $15,000 for a 3-month campaign? Bridget McLaughlin, account executive for Cablevision in Piscataway, NJ knows it’s about educating the client by providing value in the form of supporting research.SSA-McLaughlin

When McLaughlin meets with a client or prospect, she likes to bring data about the business’s target audience. She recently closed new business with a local physical therapy practice using an Audience Intelligence Report from AdMall.

“This was technically a new client – one that hadn’t advertised in years,” McLaughlin explained. “I needed to find the right data essential for closing the deal.”

After McLaughlin conducted a needs analysis with the prospect, she shared some data points from the Likely Physical Therapy Patients Audience Intelligence Report.

“I felt it was important to show what initiates an online search, and what causes consumers to take action,” McLaughlin said. “TV creates the awareness and desire, and the report indicated that TV was the top media choice of consumers.”

Her presentation impressed her prospect enough to spend $5,000/month for a 3-month campaign. The new client was happy with the results of the campaign, and is planning on renewing for another 3 months.

The Audience Intelligence Reports aren’t the only reports McLaughlin uses in her sales calls. She also finds leads by reading the AdMall Minute – the daily email sent to all AdMall subscribers.

“Whenever I go out on a call I always take something from AdMall,” she said. “It makes me come across more professional and polished; and shows I’ve done my research. I rely on it as part of my presentations every day.”

Two reports to use when calling on physical therapists

A little research goes a long way in establishing trust with your prospects. Here are two AdMall reports you can peruse to learn more about your prospect’s business.

Local Account Intelligence Report

Using AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports, you’ll find all the information you need about a variety of business types. These reports include data on industry background, industry opportunities/challenges, annual sales per location, market sales potential, ad budgets, target customers, and local competitors. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access these reports.

Audience Intelligence Report

Help your advertisers learn more about their target audience. AdMall’s Audience Intelligence Reports contain valuable data about your advertiser’s target customers. You’ll find data on demographics, psychographics, media usage, shopping behavior, and purchase intent in the AI reports. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access these reports.

Bridget McLaughlin of Cablevision is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 1st quarter, 2014

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