They Call this 25-Year Veteran Seller ‘AdMall Queen’ for a Reason

Tue Sep 12, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Credit union needs to come across as cost-efficient option

Comcast Spotlight Account Executive Lisa Stutzman had two credit unions in her account pipeline she wanted to grow. Each institution had 3 locations in the Jackson, MS market. One specifically wanted to position its branches as better alternatives to traditional banking. They let Stutzman know they wanted to promote their services as more cost-efficient than other local banks.

Solution: Gather intel on credit union opportunities and challenges

“I have two credit unions here in the Jackson area and the research on this category in AdMall has helped me grow each of them to 50% share of business for their TV dollars in a very competitive market,” Stutzman revealed.

She loves using AdMall to gain background information by category for sales calls, so that’s exactly what she did before meeting with her credit union accounts. Stutzman also regularly pulls lead lists by category from AdMall. She said her favorite part of AdMall is the background by category intelligence provided in every Local Account Intelligence Report.

Result: Get credit where credit is due with competitive campaign

With her expert knowledge on the industry, Stutzman sold her credit union clients zoned cable spots and online ads targeted to those in the market for a loan. Her accounts are happy with the campaigns.

“One shared their credit union has grown deposits by 24%!” Stutzman said.

“I am constantly using AdMall to research hot categories by month, create lead lists by category for my market, importing to Excel, and as an excellent research tool. My co-workers call me The AdMall Queen.”

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