Why Your Clients Should Buy Digital Directly From You

Fri Apr 14, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Marketers might be excited about trying the latest ad buying strategies, until they realize they might be wasting a good part of their budgets. Display ads purchased through programmatic means digitalbanneradare particularly vulnerable to trouble. Either, they appear on a part of the page where nobody can see them, or the reported views are connected to bots.

Forrester pegs spending on bad ads at $7.4 billion in 2016. Advertisers are likely to shell out up to $10.9 billion on bad ads by 2021 if they take no action. One media format, video purchased through programmatic means, seems particularly vulnerable to fraud.

In addition, research published last year by the ANA shows specifying certain conditions in a digital campaign tends to draw the attention of bots. For example,

  • Display ad space that comes with higher CPM or cost per thousand impressions has more bots generating ad impressions.
  • Ads that target specific audiences also tend to set off bots. For example, marketers who use programmatic to target Hispanics should know that their buys are almost twice as likely to set off bots.

In a resonate.com column, Melissa Burke advises marketers on how to choose digital media partners who will help them cut down on wasted ad spending. These are talking points you can use with your clients.

Standards – Spell out your standards for your clients. Even if you’re selling them the ability to programmatically buy ad space on your private network, explain how you “find and target the intended audiences” while protecting against fraud. Buying from you can give them peace of mind.

Viewability – In a private network, bot traffic may not be as much of an issue, but address the topic ahead of time. Explain how you deal with fraud. Also, reassure clients that ads will be viewable by online users and not end up on a blank page somewhere at the end of the internet.

Reporting – Share how you design and issue campaign results to clients.

The fraud levels in digital advertising campaigns are rising to critical levels. Take the steps necessary to reassure your clients that their ads are appearing before real people by encouraging them to by from you or through your private network.



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