Are Your Clients Developing Educational Content?

Mon Jul 10, 2017

Kathy Crosett

In this age of online research and purchasing, ad industry experts often talk about the need to entertain educationalconsumers in marketing campaigns. It turns out that another kind of content might be even more effective in terms of driving sales. Consumers want to engage with educational content, according to new research from Conductor.

During a recent test, Conductor analysts used mock brands and both test and control groups of consumers. Participants were asked to read three consumer-oriented how-to articles produced by the mock brands. Immediately following the reading of the content, test subjects were found to be 131% more likely to buy from the mock brand than the subjects in the control group. Analysts point out that this finding underscores the importance of developing and maintaining fresh content to capture consumers in the early phases of a purchase decision. For example, if a consumer is considering purchasing a grill, and she comes upon an article from a brand that discusses the positive aspects of grilling food year-round and even offers recipes, she’ll be more likely to purchase a product from said brand.

Researchers also detected a statistically significant increase in the number of consumers who said a brand is trustworthy and positive one week after they read educational brand content. At that point, consumers could be moving to the middle or end of the purchase funnel and be ready to buy.

Whether they are looking for a how-to article on a home repair project, or a video on the best party ideas for summer, consumers are eager to be educated. If your clients have been slow to develop educational content, discuss the results of this research with them. Then sell your content writing services and help them disseminate material where it will connect with consumers who are seeking more information before their next purchase.

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