Do Your Clients Know These New Logo Trends?

Mon Jul 24, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Are your clients looking for new logos as part of their rebranding efforts? It’s no secret that consumerslogo are fickle, always looking for the latest, newest thing. Your clients can tap into that attitude by presenting an updated image to customers. Logo updates are also appropriate when businesses merge or when they’re about to launch a significant new product or service. While logos should be unique, they should also possess on-trend styles and colors. The experts at have detailed the logo design trends that are hot in 2017.


For those of you who are not experts, the whiz designers at DesignShack define a logotype as “a logo that’s also a word.” The logotype can be the name of the business or brand. When a logotype appears as part of a logo, elaborate lettering is trendy this year. Experts attribute the interest in lettering to the patterns many designers engage with on Pinterest. Unique lettering styles will capture attention and often include unusual color palettes or typefaces. Regardless of how elaborate the lettering styles get, logotypes should be easy to read.

Line Art Images

With more logos sporting clean and simple logotypes, it’s easy to see why another minimalist trend has taken hold. A simple line art image, drawn well, can convey specific meaning to customers and prospects. Designers are frequently employing either black or white line art images, especially if they are paired with a logotype. For consistency, the width of the line in the image and typeface often match.

One way to attract attention is to employ a color other than white or black in the line art image and logotype. This strategy can be particularly effective if the color matches some aspect of the brand’s product line or history. Experts also note that keeping the line art image simple will allow for easier rendering in different sizes.

Review the other tips regarding logo design trends and then discuss ideas with your clients. Encourage them to run new ad campaigns featuring their updated logos and brands in order to boost sales.

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