Are Your Clients Losing Digital Marketing Ground?

Fri Apr 7, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Your clients probably want to talk digital all the time. After all, they’re possessed to appear hip and progressive. multiculturalsalesmeetingAnd, they want to connect with younger consumers. To meet these goals, marketers are funneling more money into digital channels. The problem, finds Boston Consulting Group, is these businesses lack the expertise to carry out their digital aspirations.

BCG surveyed both marketers and agencies about their digital talent. Two years ago, the 1,000 participants in the BCG study gave themselves an average score of 57 out of 100. When BCG conducted the survey this year, the results were not much better. Agencies rate an average of 68, while marketers are still at 57.

They survey touched on marketing activities that were broadly categorized as plan, act and measure. The typical marketer feels clueless about the following aspects of digital. (The numbers in parentheses show the average score for the skill.)

  • Digital targeting (53.3)
  • Mobile web and apps (51.1)
  • Video (52.1)
  • Mobile advertising (45.0)
  • Display media (55.9)
  • Digital content (55.8)

Analysts attribute the continuing trend of lower than expected in-house capabilities to a lack of vision and organizational support. In particular, managers have been slow to ramp up their expertise in digital marketing channels. This hesitation translates into a slow investment in talent and other resources.

While marketers may eventually allocate resources to manage their digital programs more cost effectively in-house, opportunity abounds for reps who are selling digital services. And, if you’re selling several types of services, you may be able to propose handling all of the digital needs for clients who would rather focus on developing their products and services, instead of figuring out the technical nuances of the latest format.


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