Should Your Clients Reflect Diversity in Ads?

Mon Feb 13, 2017

Kathy Crosett

After the election cycle ended last November, ad industry experts pointed out that many media companies and marketers were failing to connect with a significant portion of U.S. adults. Some analysts predicted that marketers would be lgbt1repositioning their ads to reflect more conservatism and less ‘coastal aspirational living.’ If your clients are targeting younger audiences, they might want to check out the latest research on this topic.

A Barkley and Futurecast survey released last fall took the pulse of consumers, by age group, when it came to attitude about diversity in advertising. Not surprisingly, younger consumers lead the way when it comes to being open-minded. 77% of Gen Z and millennial consumers say “I like ads that show real people in real situations.” At least 6 out of 10 consumers in these age groups also like “seeing ads that show diverse types of families.”  While just over 70% of Gen X and baby boomer consumers like realistic ad situations, only 48% of boomers appreciate seeing diverse families in ads. Our youngest consumers also believe that ‘changing ideas about gender’ allow people to be themselves (60%). Baby boomers aren’t so far behind on this topic. 52% agree with the statement.

Younger consumers express significantly more openness about shopping at businesses which offer multicultural products (65%) according to a Harris poll. Only 40% of 55-64 year-olds and 32% of Seniors share that opinion.  Millennials also say they’ll pay more for brands that cater to multicultural needs (47%). Older consumers don’t care as much about these details with only 25% of 55-64 year-olds indicating they’d pay extra for brands with a multicultural emphasis.

If your clients are looking for an edge in their marketing messages this year, show them this research. They should be reflecting diversity of culture and families, especially when they target younger consumers.

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