The Color Red and Other Secrets of Website Design

Mon Aug 7, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Have you ever encountered a website that makes you want to click immediately to a different redsite? When that kind of reaction takes place on your client’s site, she’s going to lose business. If potential customers don’t find a website visually appealing and easy to navigate, they’ll move on quickly. Here’s how you can help your clients avoid that fate.

Colors are engrained in the subconscious of U.S. consumers. As children, we learn to associate specific colors with activities and moods. As adults, we also become accustomed to seeing specific colors in varying types of marketing messages. In her MarketingProfs post, Laura Forer explains how color use on websites can work to your client’s advantage.

Websites and e-commerce sites serve as marketing messages for your client. When a consumer checks out an item on a site, they spend about 90 seconds in product assessment mode. Your client doesn’t have much time to make an impression. To make the best use of every second, she should use the right colors. If your client is targeting impulse buyers, they’ll want to display products in royal blue, black and red orange. To appeal to shoppers who want to keep to a budget, marketers should populate the page with items in navy blue and teal. Traditional buyers tend to favor pink, rose and sky blue.

Call to action buttons must make a critical connection with website visitors as well. Remind your client to use red, orange and green on these buttons and to place them in highly visible locations. In one design competition, a red button with white text yielded a 5% higher conversion rate than white on green or green on white.

The color impact extends to other forms of marketing, too. Your client should know that text and logos designed in the color red will generate feelings of excitement. The bold color stirs intense emotions and should be used in clearance sales. On the other hand, if your client is aiming for tranquility and trust, they should be emphasize blue in their logos and text. Lately, brands have been shifting to white or silver to show their cool and clean side.

If your clients are looking for a higher ROI from their website investment, talk with them about the colors they are using. Sell your digital marketing services to help them improve the connections they are making with consumers.

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