And the Most Common Piece of Consumer Technology is…!

Wed Jun 14, 2017

Rachel Cagle

With how attached everyone seems to their smartphones in this day and age, they’d have to be the most common piece of technology consumers own, right? Wrong. According to the Consumer Technology Association’s 19th Annual Consumer Techology Ownership and Market Potential Study, TVs are the most common. While 80% of households in the U.S. own a smartphone, 96% of them own at least one TV. A whooping 39% of American homes even contain three or more TVs. In total, that is 308 million TVs throughout the U.S.

Just because smartphones came in second place doesn’t mean your clients should write them off though. With 80% of U.S. households owning smartphones, the total is 238 million, which is up 13% from last year.

Notebooks, laptops and netbooks are the 5th most common pieces of consumer technology, following DVD/Blu-ray players and wired headphones and earbuds. 69% of U.S. homes own at least one of these three devices. While this may seem like a feat far below that of smartphones, it’s not. This category jumped up 12% from last year.

And to whom should your clients be advertising using these media types? According to Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics Report: Q4 2016, 94% of adults ages 50 and older watch TV and make up 54% of TV’s average audience composition. They watch TV approximately 6.2 days per week for a minimum of 46 hours and 32 minutes.

For smartphones, the answer is Gen Xers. “What? No. Millennials are the digitally dependent generation,” is what you may be thinking. However, Nielsen found that 96% of consumers ages 35 – 49 use their smartphones weekly (5.9 days a week) compared to the 91% of 18 – 34 year-old consumers who use their phones an average of 5.7 days per week. Gen Xers also use their smartphones for longer, with the minimum weekly usage hours totaling 21 hours and 46 minutes as compared to millennial’s weekly 19 hours and 39 minutes.

Gen Xers also beat millennials in tablet and PC usage. 59% of Gen Xers use their PCs weekly and 57% use their tablets as well. They use their tablets more times a week, averaging a minimum of 4 hours and 37 minutes of usage over the course of 4.9 days. However, they use their PCs for longer periods of time, averaging a minimum of nine hours and 44 minutes within 4.2 days.

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