Could Your Prospects Be Lying? Read Their Gestures To Find Out

Wed Nov 2, 2011

Jessica Helinski

A prospect may not be telling you the entire truth, and thanks to some insight from sales speaker John Boe, they may be giving their lies away via gestures and body language. While you may be familiar with the typical gestures associated with disinterest or lying (shifting eyes, crossed arms), you may not have heard of “micro gestures.” These small gestures may not be as well known as others but they can be telling of one’s true feelings on a subject—including your product or service!

Boe writes:

According to Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, two of the most common micro gestures associated with deceit are the nose wrinkle and the mouth curl. The nose wrinkle is the same gesture that occurs naturally when you smell something offensive. The other facial micro gesture is a slight downward curl of the corners of the mouth. Even liars who make a conscious effort to suppress all of their major body gestures will still transmit micro gestures.

People sometimes lie, but their body language always tells the truth. And if you can recognize these gestures in your prospects, you can improve the sales process by uncovering their real concerns and moving the sale forward or stop wasting time on someone who really isn’t interested.

The rest of the article can be found here.

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