Desktop and Mobile Commerce Conversions Peak on Sundays

Wed May 14, 2014

Kathy Crosett

As e-commerce continues to grow, industry experts are closely watching mobile to see how well these devices will fare as shopping tools.  Consumers are steadily spending more money via their mobile tabletshoppermaledevices and new data from MarketLive points to identifiable trends in the mobile commerce universe. You should be working with your clients to be sure their messages are reaching consumers on Sundays.

E-commerce accounted for $263.3 billion in 2013 retail sales or 6.2% of the total.  Of that amount, $42.13 billion was linked to mobile sales, either through smartphones or tablets. For  now, consumers seem more comfortable spending money via smartphone than tablets. By 2015, mobile commerce will amount to $76.41 billion or 22% of e-commerce activity.

MarketLive data shows that traffic and revenue patterns track fairly closely on tablet e-commerce. In the following list, traffic data follows the day of the week. Revenue percentages appear in parentheses.

  • Sunday 17% (17%)
  • Monday 14% (15%)
  • Tuesday 12% (12%)
  • Wednesday 14% (14%)
  • Thursday 14% (14%)
  • Friday 14% (13%)
  • Saturday 15% (15%)

Based on these numbers, Sunday appears to be the day to make sure ads are running on tablets. The conversion rate also peaks on Sundays, at 1.94%. Monday has the next highest conversion rate at 1.84%. These numbers make sense as consumers may be at home enjoying tablet content on Sundays and then decide to do a little shopping.

Smartphone traffic peaks at 15% on Sundays and Wednesdays, but revenue is highest on Thursdays (16%). However, the highest conversion rates, at 0.65%, occur on Sundays, which is notably lower than for tablet shoppers.

Analysts have long known that Mondays are peak shopping and revenue days for all e-commerce activity– a pattern that may date back to when many consumers lacked high-speed Internet access at home and limited their online shopping to the hours when they were at work. MarketLive data shows that these numbers still hold true for desktop e-commerce, though Sunday shoppers yield the highest conversion rate at 3.00%.

Have you talked with your clients about the importance of digital advertising on Sundays?

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