Digital Audit Blends Old and New Worlds for Sales Success

Tue Mar 21, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Amish roofing and exterior contractor re-entering the market        NatashaHolly

Natasha Holly set out to gain new business for the Dover Post and help a small business owner get back on his feet. She called on a roofer who had been a contractor for many years, but a severe illness had taken him out for approximately 5 years. The advertiser was re-entering the Maryland market, while changing the name of his business, and building business from the ground up. The multi-media executive knew she would have much to overcome – the traditional Amish family business does not use electricity, and they are strongly oblivious to all media, particularly digital. She put her 20 years of media sales experience and AdMall’s tools to work.

“It is a family business where the sons help with all the work,” Holly explained. “His sons are more familiar with social media, but they too are a bit removed from society. Also, they are not allowed to drive, so my client hires a driver.”

They do almost everything for exteriors, from installing fences to repairing walls.

“They look to me for guidance regarding advertising the business,” Holly said.

Solution: Educate and consult the business owner with Digital Audits

Holly’s initial meeting was to discuss print advertising only. Using AdMall Intelligence Reports and Digital Audits for his top competitors, Holly prepared for her meeting. She took the client’s need for immediate business into consideration and used her own commonsense on how someone would look for a roofer.

“I recommended they do digital combined with local print advertising,” Holly relayed.

Result: Owner says yes to ‘tradigital’ campaign totaling $16,500

The advertiser signed on for an SEM package with print ads in Holly’s community papers. She offered a special deal for quarter-page ads that ran for approximately 13 weeks.

“The program has generated leads and calls,” Holly said. “The client feels that he is getting more price shoppers and losing bids due to his pricing. He stands by his quality and does not back down. His flip phone may be a hindrance to getting leads sent to his phone for immediate response too.”

Holly has since added landing pages to improve leads. Also, she went back and sold a social media set-up package that included creating a Facebook page and a Google + page.

“Most recently, he added on a direct mail program targeting new movers in the area,” Holly added. “The total spend with us is up to $21,793 for the year.”

“The information provided by AdMall helps me to be the expert in marketing solutions in their line of business.”

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