Digital Audit Waxes on $14,000 Campaign for Auto Body Shop

Tue Jul 18, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Auto body shop getting dinged on its digital presence     

A family-owned automotive body shop in Glenwood Springs, CO was struggling with its digital footprint. Their website was not performing well and they had little to no social media presence compared to their industry and local competitors. Multi-Media Marketing Consultant Amanda Cerveny remembered the story her paper, the Glenwood Springs Post-Independent, had written about the husband-wife team and wanted to help.

“We did a story about their passion for giving back to the community,” Cerveny said. “They like to share their financial success and invest in helping others. “

Solution: Digital Audit uncovers chips and cracks in shop’s market share

“I ran a Digital Audit of their business and [a] competitive analysis,” Cerveny said. “To put it simply, I was able to demonstrate that customers were not able to find them compared to their competitors and how [that] was translating into lost sales.”

Cerveny has been using AdMall PRO since she started at Glenwood Springs Post-Independent/Colorado Mountain News Media two years ago. AdMall is a part of her company’s “tool kit” of resources to assist sales staff in making the sale.

Result: A $14,000 multi-media campaign puts a clear coat on position

At the time Cerveny pitched to the owners, they had no money invested in marketing.

“But presenting them with a Digital Audit and showing them the local marketing intelligence that AdMall provides helped to close the sale and give the Post-Independent and myself, as an account manager, credibility,” Cerveny explained.

She sold them a new website, a social media and reputation management program, along with print ads for the Aspen and Glenwood Springs market.

“In the end, the client gave us their entire budget which is on average $1,200 per month translating to over $14,000 with more opportunities for growth,” Cerveny said.

“Using AdMall and conducting a digital audit is a vital part of what we do when demonstrating the importance of how a business is performing online and how customers are able to interact with them and do business. The sale is then transformed from being a want into and essentially NEED for our businesses.”

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