Are Your Digital Clients Committing These “Sins” On Facebook?

Tue Apr 8, 2014

Jessica Helinski

facebook-logoLikely, you’ve heard of the seven deadly sins: Lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, sloth, envy, and pride. SociallyStacked puts a humorous spin on these seven sins by applying them to the world of Facebook marketing. While your digital ad clients may be using the social network, they may also unwittingly be committing one (or all seven!) of these transgressions, and that could drive away, rather than engage, consumers.

Are they guilty of “pride?” They may be, if they do nothing but post about themselves. SociallyStacked recommends following the “70-20-10” rule:

  • 70% of posts should focus on brand-building (expert insight, how-to information, etc.)
  • 20% should be shared posts from others (make sure the shared topics are relevant to your business and your target market)
  • 10% should be dedicated to promotion (yourself, your business, products/sales, etc)

By avoiding this “sin,” your clients will keep followers engaged with useful, interesting and relevant information while slipping in bits of self-promotion that won’t overwhelm their followers.

Another Facebook no-no is “sloth.” An estimated 757 million people sign in to Facebook every day, according to SociallyStacked. Your clients may be missing out on this large audience by not updating their pages or posting infrequently. It’s impossible to engage with users if your clients aren’t actively using the network! Your clients need to make themselves seen in followers’ News Feeds—and engagement doesn’t end there. SociallyStacked recommends updating cover photos often, adding new apps and rearranging old ones to keep profiles looking fresh.

By comparing your digital clients’ Facebook activity to the SociallyStacked article, do you see any sins being committed? If so, you may want to share your expertise to ensure they are maintaining good practices to keep their followers from going astray.

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