Digital Video To Drive Sales in Travel, Auto Verticals

Fri Jun 16, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Marketers are getting the message that digital video can be a powerful branding tool. Leading edge Automarketers are going a step further and using the format to drive sales as well. New research from Marketingprofs shows the steps marketers are taking to increase their ROI on their digital video.

Marketingprofs analysts note that businesses have hesitated to increase their digital video ad budgets until they can prove the format goes beyond raising consumer awareness of their brand. Specifically, they want to see digital video drive sales:

  • Online 74%
  • Offline 60%

Research on this topic has already shown the power of digital video. Analysts cite the Nielsen Catalina Solutions study which linked an average sales increase of $23.48 for every 1,000 digital video exposures. This increase was larger than for linear TV ($20.56) or display ($16.95.)

Travel Marketers

Analysts point to the $2-3 ROI travel marketers are already achieving through their use of digital video. In this industry, consumers can easily make reservations online after viewing a digital video. Marketers have also found that using behavioral targeting methods to personalize the videos can improve outcomes. It’s possible that travel marketers will shift ad money from email and social in order to make a bigger impact with consumers through digital video.

Auto Marketers

Advertisers in this industry are always interested in ways to drive traffic into their showrooms. While some consumers buy vehicles online, for the most part, sales take place on the showroom floor. Marketingprofs research shows that auto advertisers are aware of the power of digital video for branding purposes. To really connect with consumers, they concede that a bit of personalization in their digital video messages would boost the bottom line.

If you’re selling digital video media space or production services, have you talked with your clients about the value of format when it comes to driving sales?

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