Director of Digital Sales: ‘Digital Audits Really Do Work!’

Tue Apr 5, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Used merchandise retailer wants more customers, new business guarantee  Sabo

Joanne Sabo had a used merchandise retailer who wanted a guarantee that advertising with Beasley Media Group would give them more business.

“Of course, every business wants this,” the Director of Digital Sales sighed. “And of course, no one can.”

The bottom line is the retailer wanted more customers and she knew she could do THAT for them with AdMall’s help.

Solution: Use AdMall’s Digital Audit to sell with confidence

Sabo ran a Digital Audit on the store and worked it into her presentation to them.

“[They were] so amazed,” she said. “They asked, ‘How’d you know that?’ but they didn’t feel invaded because of how I presented it.”

Sabo uses the Digital Audits to start conversations with advertisers and prospects – even for cold calls. She uses her iPhone6+ to show prospects their audits because the screen is so big, and it helps give them something they can see firsthand.

For instance, “If they focus on social media, but not display ads I can show them exactly what they’re missing out on because customers’ faces are in PHONES!” Sabo pointed out.

Results: Her consultative approach secured a $2,000 buy

Sabo used her 12 years of experience selling media to finesse what the Digital Audit told her was missing in the store’s digital strategy.

“I love SEO and search marketing, so the best part is looking at key words in the Audit,” she said. “It ends up showing the gaps in their online presence. I sell the gaps.”

Sabo was able to sell an email marketing campaign with a mobile banner ad that ran for one month. It focused around a Halloween event the retailer was running. The retailer spent $2,000 with her.

“I can say to an advertiser – I know you ran display ads 6 months ago, but you didn’t do any SEO,” Sabo said. “If I see a score below 5 when I run a Digital Audit, that’s a major red flag that I need to help them out.”

“The Digital Audit gives me a good understanding of what a business has done and needs to do digitally,” Sabo said. “It helps me tell a better story for them, as to what didn’t work for them in the past and explain a different audience to them.”

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