Which Display Ads are Viewed for 5+ Seconds

Wed May 10, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Display advertisers in the U.S. know that it’s difficult for ads to reach the desired rate of viewability. And, even if the ads do get viewed, how many will actually be viewed for even five seconds, let alone only one second? A study conducted by Integral Ad Science that reviewed a sample of 200 billion display ad impressions in the U.S. has the answers you need to make the most of your clients’ display advertising.

For starters, who should display advertisers be buying their display ad impressions from? According to Integral Ad Science data, the answer is to buy impressions from the publishers directly. These ads had a 60% viewability compared to the 49.6% of impressions bought programmatically.

Now that you know how to make the most of your clients’ ad impression spending, what kind of display ads should you recommend and sell to them? Here are the viewability rate percentages of popular ad formats in the second half of 2016:

  1. Half Page (300 x 600): 60.6%
  2. Skyscraper (160 x 600) : 59.9%
  3. Billboard: 54.1%
  4. Leaderboard: 52.6%

On top of simply being viewed, a handful of these formats also had good ratings when it comes to being viewed for five seconds or more. Half Page came out on top again with a 42.2% rating with Skyscraper right on its tail at 42.1%.

Bonus material for all your video advertisers:

The same Integral Ad Science study found that only 35.1% of video ads are played all the way to completion. Let your clients know that to get the most from their video ad dollars, the IAS data shows it pays to purchase ad space directly from publishers as well. 53.1% of these ads were viewed all the way through while only 29.9% of programmatically bought ads were viewed until the end.

Buying directly from publishers is the way to go in the worlds of both display and video advertising. Let your clients in on this ASAP!



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