Do Your Clients’ Ads Tell a Story that Reaches Millennials?

Wed Apr 29, 2015

Kathy Crosett

Men might be from Mars, but most marketers have figured out how to advertise to them. storysurpriseMillennials, though, might be a different story. These consumers are renowned for being turned off by the traditional sales pitch. Is there anything your clients can do to reach this audience? A recent post by Evan Burns on contains great insight about how your clients can improve their pitch to Millennials.

Burns’ first point is about making an ad clever. This is different from humor. As an example, he uses the SuperBowl 2015 commercial Dodge ran in celebration of its 100 year anniversary. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that pearls of wisdom from 100 year-olds would resonate with Millennials. After all, this demographic group is all about being hip and digital. But, they also value authenticity. And, advice from 100-year olds isn’t quite the same as taking advice from their parents. Maybe someone who’s reached the age of 100 actually does have something important to say. But, the kicker in this ad comes at the end. The twist is that 100-year olds are still happy to get into a hot car and speed. Now that’s something many younger consumers, especially millennial men, can connect with.

Burns reminds readers that Millennials like storytelling. This storytelling should include insight and emotion. Millennials have seen it all. They’re jaded. They’ve been bombarded with advertising from day one – in both traditional and digital media. To get noticed, your clients need to focus on a simple storyline and hit the target audience – especially those folks who are watching a TV or online video ad – with a solid emotional punch.

It’s those types of ads that get people talking – not just about the message but also about the brand and the advertised product or service.

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