Easy Search Functions: the Way to Keep 73% of Consumers Returning

Wed Feb 22, 2017

Rachel Cagle

73% of consumers in the U.S. say that they’ll probably leave a retail site if it doesn’t have good emailpersonsearch results, reports RichRelevance. Not only that, the study also found that 1/5 of those consumers won’t return to said sites. RichRelevance isn’t the only company with a study that shows these kinds of results. Marketingcharts.com’s Digital User Experiences survey, which surveyed 1,112 adult online shoppers in the U.S., shows that easy search functions are the most important factor in online shoppers’ experience.

Here are the top five factors that surveyed online shoppers chose as what counts the most when rating a digital experience:

  1. Easy Search Functions: 43%
  2. Fast Websites: 21%
  3. Easy Checkout: 14%
  4. Customer Support: 12%
  5. Personalized Content: 10%

Most retailers would be shocked to see that personalized content is so low on their customers’ experience factors, especially considering how important personalization has become when making a sale. Surprisingly, only 10% of consumers say personalization is the most important factor during a website visit. In fact, 54% of shoppers selected it as the least important out of all five factors.

However, don’t go throwing out all your plans for individual shopper content personalization yet. Over 1/4 of Episerver respondents still value personalization and place it among their top three experience factors. To make the time you put into personalization worthwhile, it’s important to understand what customers value.

When returning shoppers log into websites, they expect a certain amount of data to be retained to personalize their experience, including:

  • Shipping Information: 43%
  • Product Recommendations: 38%
  • Purchase History: 38%
  • Personal Interests: 25%
  • Advertising: 12%

So, take the time to talk to your clients about the importance of adding easy search functions and proper personalization to their websites. At the end of the day, your clients must offer easy access to every part of their websites. Properly designed search functions are a key part of that access. And, while not necessarily at the top of the priority list, shoppers expect to be remembered. It’s like walking into a restaurant you’re a regular at and having the server remember what you like and helping you discover new things. It feels nice and familiar. If you’re selling digital marketing services, add individual shopper content personalization to your proposals. Remind your clients that personalized digital experiences give customers a well-rounded online shopping experience.

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