The Email Tactic that Increases Revenue by 17% or More

Wed Jul 26, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Email blasts just aren’t an efficient use of a marketer’s time anymore, if they ever were to begin with. These days, everyone’s email inbox is crammed with marketing emails from an endless list of companies. The receivers aren’t going to read all of them.

However, don’t get discouraged! According to The Return on Email Personalization study conducted by The Relevancy Group, email marketing success is actually on the rise. From the second quarter of 2016 to the present, mean open rates have jumped from 25 percent to 27 percent and click-through rates followed that lead by increasing to 16 percent from 14 percent.

That doesn’t change the amount of email customers receive on a daily basis though, is what you might be thinking. How do your clients make their emails stand out above the crowd?

The answer is personalization. Yeah, yeah, everyone talks about personalizing things, but is it really worth all the extra time and effort? Yes, it is. The Relevancy Group found that marketers who put forth the effort to deeply personalize their emails are rewarded with a surge in revenue of 17 percent or more. Personalized email marketers see 5% higher average order values, conversion rates that are 6% higher, 0.9% higher click-through rates, and 0.7% higher open rates than their counterparts who didn’t consider personalization worth their time.

Utilizing dynamic content (defined by Mallory Mongeon as “HTML within your email that changes based on the end user,” such as a recipient’s first name) is an extremely effective method to conquering personalization. However, we’re not talking adding the recipient’s first name and calling it a day personalization. 78% of email marketers use that tactic.

Your clients need to personalize their email content based on behavioral data. “Data from the web needs to feed email recommendations, and email response data, in turn, is fueled on site personalization,” states The Relevancy Group. The company’s analysts also point out that this can require teamwork with the business’ marketing team.

The work it takes to implement effective email personalization is what stops many from taking advantage of it, but it’s what’s going to set you and your clients apart from the rest.

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