How to Find New Sales from Old Leads

Thu May 11, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Some people think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That shouldn’t be your attitude when you’re trying to sell to inactive or lapsed accounts. Clate Mask, CEO at Infusionsoft and contributor, says working inactive accounts is just one way to bring contracts through the door. Are you curious about his other suggestions?

Inactive Accounts

As you start a new week or a new month, you’re probably excited about reaching out to new leads to make a sale. There’s nothing wrong with that enthusiasm. Keep in mind, though, that depending on your sales cycle, it might take you a long time to close a new lead. If you want to build sales, why not check out what the inactive accounts on your list have been up to? You know what I’m talking about. These are the people who told you to check back in a year, because maybe their budget picture would improve. Hopefully you marked your calendar with a potential callback or entered the reminder into your CRM system.

Other inactive accounts may be contacts who just sort of fell off your radar. Perhaps you connected a time or two with prospects, but they never really responded. Some of the groundwork has already been done with these prospects. You have a contact name and likely know a little about their business. You may be able to generate interest and activity by categorizing these inactive accounts. Could a survey be one way to get some of them communicating with you? Are there other inactive prospects with price sensitivity who might response to a limited time price promotion from you?

Lead Management

In addition to managing inactive leads, you’ll want to devote some of your time and resources to prospects who show great potential. Focusing on multiple prospects requires tip-top organizational skills. If you don’t have an automated system for tracking where each lead is in your sales funnel, you’ll spend valuable time trying to remember where you are with Prospect A versus Prospect B. Being disorganized could result in missing key deadlines with important prospects. Anticipating prospects’ needs and suggesting personalized solutions or action plans will set you apart from the competition.

Working with old and new leads using an organized system will yield more sales and increased loyalty and help you keep your sanity.

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