Gallup Research: Health Care, Pharma Organizations Need an Image Boost

Thu Aug 31, 2017

Kathy Crosett

As you review your list of accounts and prospects, you’ll be considering whether any of these health carebusinesses could benefit from a branding campaign. A good branding campaign can be especially helpful if a business is operating in a sector that suffers from negative public perception. The latest Gallup research reveals which industries have experienced the steepest drop in the eyes of consumers in the past year.

Gallup analysts asked just over 1,000 U.S. adults which industries they ranked most positively and negatively. For the past 16 years, Gallup has conducted this research and tracked 24 business and industry categories. During the Great Recession, positive consumer sentiment, on average, for the tracked categories hovered around 38%. This year, positive consumer sentiment jumped to 50%. Analysts partly credit the image boost to Republican optimism about improving economic conditions.

Business categories that have improved dramatically from 2016 are as follows:

  • Farming and agriculture 70% (up 15%)
  • Education 55% (up 11%)
  • Computer industry 75% (up 9%)
  • Real estate industry 53% (up 9%)

Analysts also calculated image scores for the 24 business categories “by subtracting their overall negative rating from their positive rating.” This year, the federal government came in with the lowest image score: -23%. The other sectors with negative image scores, and that are definitely in need of new ad campaigns, include:

  • Oil and gas  -2%
  • Health care -7%
  • Pharmaceutical -17%

Consumers also scored these same categories lowest in terms of having a positive or somewhat positive attitude about them. Other business categories that remain below a rating of 50% on the spectrum of consumer approval, and have shown no improvement in the past year, are the airline industry and travel industry. The sectors that consumers scored below 50%, but also give improving grades to, include banking, electric and gas utilities, and the legal field. Unfortunately, the advertising and public relations industry also fell into this category with only 38% of consumers saying they have a positive impression of businesses operating in that sector.

As you prepare proposals for businesses in your market that need fresh ad campaigns, take time to consider how you can improve the appeal and reputation of your own industry, too.




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