Over Half of Marketers Hesitant About Open Ad Exchanges

Thu Aug 24, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Digital media was supposed to be the solution to one of the most pressing issues of advertising once exchangesand for all – the question of who is seeing a specific ad and being influenced to buy because of it. The early promise of digital advertising began to fall short because marketers weren’t clear on exactly whether ads are being seen. Now, there’s the messy issue of attribution. Marketers are getting so frustrated, they are pulling the responsibility for digital advertising away from agencies and managing the process in-house, reports the Wall Street Journal.

A recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers finds that marketers want more control over their digital investments.  To make that happen, nearly 70% of businesses are getting specific about what’s happening with respect to digital marketing.  For example, revised contracts with agencies now specify who is entitled to any rebates offered by a media company and who owns collected data. Part of this shift is coming about as the technical ins and outs of digital marketing become better understood by marketers.

Brand image is also driving marketers to take more control in the digital sphere. It only takes one unfortunate appearance of a brand name next to objectionable content on a social site to undo years of reputation building. This concern may partly explain the lower than expected spending increases that major marketers are devoting to big social sites as documented in the WFA survey. Over half, 55% of marketers, are pulling back from the trend of putting ads onto open exchanges. And, nearly 90% of marketers are looking for more independent verification on ad networks.

Marketers will continue to work with agencies on all things digital and traditional. Going forward, they expect to have a bigger say in a complex world that they are now taking the time to understand. And, if you’re selling ads on a closed network and can guarantee good placement with quality content, your future looks brighter.

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