Are You Helping Your Clients Target Niche Audiences with VOD?

Mon Jan 9, 2017

Kathy Crosett

If you’re selling TV advertising, you know the industry is rapidly changing. Kantar Media has published its projections of several important trends that smartphonewill impact TV station operators and ad sales. This report addresses questions that media salespeople may encounter as they pitch their stations and formats. The details are worth a look.

Broadcaster VOD

Consumers love video on demand. Younger consumers, in particular, want the freedom to watch specific programs at their convenience. The key features of convenience include accessing the content at any time and on any device. The big networks are already offering more VOD programming in order to counter the cord-cutting trend.  You can increase your local audience and your appeal to advertisers by offering locally produced VOD content.

Niche Audiences

As the number of video options increase, consumers are turning to content that specifically interests them. Technological advances now make it possible for you to help your advertisers reach niche audiences. There is plenty of competition in the VOD market, because operators like YouTube offer a low barrier to entry. The key to succeeding in this sector is to offer quality content that speaks to niche audiences at the local or regional level.


The multitude of channels and content options is exciting for consumers. Your advertisers won’t be as excited though, unless you can deliver ‘data rich’ analytics to them. You know your clients want to sell to specific audiences. They want to know exactly who is watching and when. Once you show them you have a handle on that information, they’ll be eager to buy advertising that can target specific audiences. If you’ve invested in addressable advertising technology, sell the benefits to your clients and prospects. They need to know you have the capability to deliver different ads to different audiences in the same slot, simultaneously.

Read the rest of Kantar Media’s projections for 2017 so you can present key talking points about the future of TV and VOD to your clients and prospects.

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